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Hi, I'm Scott Moore. I help  Toronto businesses solve their IT challenges. Contact me for independent, expert advice.

I have over 20 years of experience working in IT, from building and selling start-ups to consulting for Fortune 50 companies. In addition to my consulting work I run multiple online companies so I am well aware of the challenges it takes to create and grow a business.  Let me help your business solve its IT challenges.  

About Me

My Services

General IT Strategy

I can help your business solve its IT challenges and set a new course.  Should you move your IT infrastructure to the cloud?  Switch to web-based services like Gmail to run your corporate email systems?  Build an app for your clients?  Let me help you make the right decision.

Amazon Web Services

If you would like to explore moving to the cloud than I can provide expert advice as an AWS certified professional.  Moving your infrastructure to the cloud has numerous benefits but like anything in life there are good ways and bad ways to go about it.  Let me help you develop a strategy that works for you.

Project  and Vendor Management

If your company is embarking on a new IT project then I can help in many different aspects.  I can assist in choosing the best vendor to deliver a project and make sure any proposals are reasonably priced and can be delivered in the required timeline.  If needed, I can manage the project for you or step in to help a project that is encountering issues.

Disaster Planning

Over the years I have been involved with multiple real life disaster recovery scenarios, and in each case a successful outcome was due to proper planning and preparation in advance.  I can audit your current disaster recovery plan for completeness or help you create one if needed.

Let's Talk

Scott brings a breadth of technology strategy and industry experience, combined with deep cloud and architecture capability, which he applies to engagements to deliver results quickly.

Phil McBride, CIO Molson Coors Canada

We have worked with Scott since 2012, when we hired him to help us convert our desktop software into a SaaS app. Scott is very easy to work with, a good listener and provides great feedback/ ideas. Most importantly Scott is a reliable, straight up person and that is often hard to find in a consultant.

Jay Oken, Directory Solutions Inc.

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